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Testing (QAT) Services

Benefits of Automation Testing


At DBaaS Ltd, we apply a Shift-Left, automation-first mindset to everything we build. This mindset allows our testers to deliver quality software with extremely high confidence.

Our full cycle testing approach guarantees test coverage throughout the software development process. To do this, we combine automation testing with the real-world assurance of manual testing.

Quality Assurance and Testing for IT Systems 2 DPS *

The importance of the values to our company indicates the true ethos of our business. With a focus on increasing quality while reducing cost supports our passion for enabling organisations to deliver. In addition to this our ability to respond immediately to any emerging requirements is achieved and supported by the mutual and honest relationships we have with our candidates and consultants.

We make sure that our testing efforts align and scale with your business needs. Our test engineers’ knowledge spans across all types of application testing. This means we have the experience and knowledge to build a custom test strategy for your business.

* DPS means Dynamic Purchasing System access agreement between CCS (Crown Commercial Services) and us.


Testing Services

Testing − Our services involves identifying bug/error/defect in a software without correcting it. Normally our professionals with a quality assurance background are involved in bugs identification.

Applications of Software Testing

  • Product Improvement
  • Quality Check

Testing Services We Can Offer

  • Manual Testing
  • Automation Testing

Testing Methods

  • Black-Box Testing
  • Grey-Box Testing

Testing Levels

We offer Levels of testing in different methodologies that can be used while conducting software testing.
The main levels of software testing are

Functional & Non Functional Testing
  • Installation testing
  • Exploratory and Performance testing
  • Integration and Load testing
  • Checking entry/exit criteria for OAT
  • User acceptance and Regression testing
  • Web & Mobile testing
  • PoC, Alpha, Beta and MVP testing
Test Automation
  • Contract Testing
  • Component integration Testing
  • Created CI/CD pipelines and contributes to Agile/SCRUM activities
  • System Testing
  • System Integration Testing
  • Security testing
  • Exploratory testing