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DBaaS Ltd - Acceptable Use Policy

Acceptable User Policy

Our acceptable user policy discusses how we collect your data, how we use and manage it. This policy is updated when necessary and will duly be upload on our website for public access. We are transparent about how we obtain, use and protect your data. We only save the data you provide to us directly. We are responsible for the protection of the personal information you share with us.

How We Collect Your Information:

We collect your data first hand, the information you provide to us when you sign in when you fill out a form or contact us in any way. We can also save your data when you post an enquiry, or opt for a newsletter and/or subscribe to our marketing offers. Your information can also be obtained from social media sites such as LinkedIn for telemarketing or communication purposes. The necessary information you provide to us such as your name, number or address while filling out any contact, order or subscription form. We do not save your bank account details. This list is not exhaustive.

How We Use Your Information:

The use of your information is strictly to give you a better experience with our Company. We keep your information for correspondence purposes and to contact you in case of any queries or the resolution of a query you posted. We focus on customer relations, and your information is safeguarded, available only to us for official use. We may use it to keep you informed about the ongoing operations of our company and of any upcoming products or services, any news and events, or job openings. We may use your information or provide it to the legal authorities in case of any legal action taken involving our Company, or to protect our assets and interests. Our website uses cookies to enhance website functionality. These remember your preferences and provide you with marketing communications accordingly.

How We Manage Your Information:

Your information is strictly confidential and only for the company’s official use. It’s saved behind protected networks in the UK, and no one outside the company can have access to it, except the authorities, in case of any legal actions. We only share your information with third parties to fulfil any requests furnished directly by you. If you wish to discontinue your subscription with us, we give you an option to request we stop contacting you. In that case, your information ceases to be accessible even for company use.