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IT Support and Maintenance for better performance

IT Support & Maintenance

DBaaS offers inclusive 360-degree IT support services for your organization. We want to reconstruct your IT flow process as the core tasks and support services, thereby building a coordinating environment to achieve your goals faster than ever. Let your intellect be spent operating your Core IT tasks where we are here for you any time of the day to take care of all IT support services to save time & money.

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Why DBaaS for IT Support services?

Expertise: Being in the game for many years, we offer the crispier IT support services. Our experience serves as an advantage for troubleshooting issues on the go, as we are used to the commonly occurring ones. You'll feel that you are in the right hands. Flexible & Agile: The IT support services will offer you a relaxed working environment. No matter how fast you expand, we have the knowledge & the resources to attend it & alongside enabling you to have faster solutions making it more agile.

End-user concentration: Your end-users are as essential to us as much as they are to you. Attending end-users IT support needs with care & clear vision has helped our clients improve their customer base with improved customer satisfaction.

Quality: DBaaS is aware of the number of tickets that flow if it's an enterprise-grade organization. We make sure that we offer quality IT support services on the first go, without having to circulate the remedy solving process again and again.

The IT support services we offer are:
  • Server Management
  • Emergency attention
  • Network issue troubleshooting
  • Remote Installing
  • Backup & Restore with zero downtime