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Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Services

ICT Service

ICT services are like all under one roof. Technology, communication devices that integrate with software, satellite systems, storage, AVs, enabling the users to drive the information they need. DBaaS shares its expertise across IT Services, Services desk, IT security services for organizations of various niches. So if you think of enabling ICT services, think DBaaS, and you are on the go.

We have the footprints of global recognition to mark our expertise for rendering IT support solutions, Cloud Computing solutions, high-performance network solutions, Virtualization solutions through our high-end ICT services. Our ICT service solutions have a quality that upholds our brand and helps you experience the Grade-A ICT services.

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Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing being the major emergent of the 21st century, ICT services has made it easier than it can be. Adjust your ICT service equipment and quickly meet the changes in high demand with ICT resource equipment. The virtualized deployment platform utilizes the potential of the hardware and the software resources and helps customers have more significant interaction with their product or services.

ICT for Managed & Infrastructure services

Network carrier services in the networking field have found their pullback due to the lack of managed services on an outsourced basis. This is where we DBaaS are ready to render you full support through our ICT services for networking. We will back all your customer's networking carrier needs.

Another primary stream of ICT services is Infrastructure as a Service. Rather than operating equipment or software at different premises, this offers Cloud-based services instead of the former. It enables various operations conducted with the same equipment or software to be operated from a singular point and deliver the results to the customers through cloud services.