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Ethical Statement

Ethical Statement 2024

UPDATED: Jan 2024


A counter fraud culture is actively promoted amongst all staff, including procurement specialists across DBaaS Ltd.

DBaaS Ltd is committed to continually improve the awareness and understanding of its staff to actively prevent, deter and detect procurement fraud and bribery.

DBaaS Ltd is committed to reduce corruption in public procurement as set out within the Cross Government Anti-Corruption Strategy 2017–2022. More information can found in

DBaaS Ltd expects the highest standards of conduct and integrity from its staff, potential suppliers and its contractors. Individuals and organisations have a responsibility, in deterring procurement fraud and bribery and to report any instances where it is suspected or detected.


Anti-Bribery and Corruption

We take a zero-tolerance approach to bribery and corruption and are committed to acting professionally, fairly and with integrity in all our business dealings and relationships. All decisions by DBaaS’s staff as to how we conduct business must be able to withstand both internal and external scrutiny.


We are committed to the highest standards of quality, honesty, openness and accountability. DBaaS Ltd believes it has a duty to take appropriate measures to identify any wrongdoing within the company and attempt to remedy it. If employees have any concerns about malpractice in the workplace, they are expected to raise such concerns internally, in accordance with the procedure set out in our HR policy.


DBaaS Ltd requires potential suppliers and its contractors to adhere to the Supplier Code of Conduct and to:

• act with integrity, propriety, honesty, objectivity, accountability and openness

• take all reasonable steps, in accordance with good industry practice, to prevent fraud and bribery by its staff and any sub-contractors

• actively avoid, prevent and deter any behaviour or activity that might be considered as collusion, i.e. operating a cartel, bid rigging, bid suppression, cover bidding, bid rotation, market division and price fixing

• actively avoid, prevent and deter any behaviour or activity that might be considered as bribery or corruption, in contravention of The Bribery Act 2010, e.g. paying a sum of money, or other inducement, directly or indirectly to any person/s in relation to any DBaaS Ltd contract or tender for goods, works or services

• declare any conflict of interest that might arise before, during or after a procurement process

• provide and maintain accurate contract performance records/data

• provide and maintain accurate financial documentation, e.g. invoices.


DBaaS Ltd adopts a ‘zero-tolerance’ culture in relation to acts of fraud, bribery and corruption. We do not permit it under any circumstances - any such acts will be investigated fully and where appropriate, disciplinary and/ or legal action will be taken, in line with Cabinet Office guidelines. If procurement fraud or bribery is identified or suspected, please contact the Department/Agency Fraud Officers, in confidence, immediately on the following telephone numbers:

Organisation Department/Agency Fraud Officers & Whistle-blowing Hotline The DBaaS Ltd Hot Line: 07480080202 Email: The DBaaS Ltd Fraud Hot Line: 07480080202

It is important that notifications are made promptly and that no action is taken which may prejudice any future action or may alert a potential perpetrator that the fraud or potential act of fraud has been identified.

DBaaS Ltd will treat all reports in a confidential and sensitive manner. If procurement fraud, bribery or corruption is suspected, DBaaS Ltd will consider and investigate and may report the matter to: • Departmental/Agency Fraud Officers; • The Police (Action Fraud) and share with counter fraud organisations. If procurement fraud or bribery is proven (i.e. sanctioned) DBaaS Ltd may: • exclude a potential supplier from a procurement procedure; • suspend or terminate a contract with a supplier; • take steps to recover financial losses, • pursue criminal sanctions.

Ethical Statement